How to Choose the Right Smartphone For Yourself

By April 6, 2016Gadget Review

Now, the smartphone is not only the tool for communicating. It is already being the part of lifestyle and necessity. What kind of smartphone you use can represent yourself? T the first appearance of a smartphone, it stood out because of its features and apps.  However, now the smartphone is not only applicable for its features. More than that, the smartphone is really helpful in any condition. For instance, if you need to book a hotel or plane ticket, you can book it from your smartphone application. You can also pay your rent or something through your smartphone.

The smartphone was gradually replacing its previous senior. The phone in the past were able only for messaging and phoning. However, the smartphone is indeed smart. There is almost nothing that a smartphone cannot do. It provides easiness for you who live in a digital era. When you are going to buy a smartphone, there are many options for you. Those options sometimes just make you being confused. These are guides for you who need the best smartphone for yourself.

smartphonesPhone types
Before you buy a smartphone, it is better for you to search the information. Search what are the newest smartphone, what are their features, and, of course, their prices. There are many options of operating systems, such as android, iOS, or Windows Phone. You have to know them before you buy.

Android now is dominating the market of the smartphone in the entire world. Android absolutely provides high compatibility. That is why people choose them more than the others. Android beats its competitor in terms of size, specs, type, brand, and design. Some of the android brands that stand out among the others are Samsung or LG. Both of them are originally made in Korea. These recent years Samsung is known as the most wanted android brand. The latest version of Android is Android 5.0 Lollipop. The latest version absolutely offers the quickest performance and incredible specs. The main reason why people prefer for android is because it provides high compatibility to download the apps. You can just download the apps from the Google Play Store. However, you need to update the apps when there is the latest version.

As the competitor, iOS 8 is included in iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. The iOS phone also has many options for apps. As we know that Apple has advanced games and apps for the smartphone. However, iPhone design has less modification from time to time.

The Windows Phone also came not long ago. The Windows Phone also has its own uniqueness. However, it still cannot beat the other competitors.

phone sizesSize 
The smartphone has incredible options of size and weight. Samsung has more options of design although the basically are just the same. Samsung not long ago released the edgeless smartphone design. It should be suited for you who love a unique style.

On the other hand, although iPhone never has the big modification in terms of design, iPhone always looks classy. The silky color of iPhone impresses the elegance. The size of the smartphones is also various. There are a small screen, medium screen, and big screen.

The small screen is less than 4.5 inches. The smartphone with less than 4.5 inches is very handy and compact. You just need one hand to handle it. The medium screen is ranged from 4.5 to 5.4 inches design. This is the design that most of the people have. This size can also be used only with one hand depending on the hand size, and the button place.

The last is the big screen, which is 5.5 inches and more. This design is owned by iPhone 6 plus and Galaxy Note 4. The big screen is usually called as phablet because of the size that is similar to the tablet. However, with the big design, you can watch the videos more pleasure.

Those are the guides for choosing the best smartphone. Consider also the camera pixels and the other specs. Most of the smartphones now are already satisfying. But, do not forget to match with your budget. Feel free to go on taobao english search to look for your next smartphone!

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